Merry Christmas
I have not posted a whole lot this fall, hopefully this winter will see a little more activity in the research area. One interesting item is that I was finally able to get in touch with the brother of Major Holt Barnwell. Major Barnwell was the architect of the Night March across Sicily during that campaign. He died during the D-Day invasion, and was a really great friend of my grandfather. Looking forward to hearing more about him from his brother. Please take a look at and feel free to contribute to a Wikipedia page I have started about the battle of Port Lyautey:
Click Here

Hope all are well, have a Merry Christmas!
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Go-Devil WWII Newsletter
Well, another day brings with it another spectacular contribution to our website. In Germany, a local historian from the area of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria, has written and donated digital copies of the Go-Devil newsletter. The newsletter was printed in the village in 1945, during the occupation. Each is linked below, please feel free to take a look, and give a BIG thanks to our German historian and friend.

The Go Devil No 1
The Go Devil No 2
The Go Devil No 3
The Go Devil No 4
The Go Devil No 5
The Go Devil No 6
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Still Finding Tanks In France
Well, in Chartres, France, someone found an entire US Tank from World War II, buried under a neighborhood street. See the article linked here: Tank Dug Up In Chartres
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9th Infantry Medical Report
This is a link to a medical report on the 9th Infantry Division during their time from France to Germany:

Medical Report
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Happy Fourth of July
Happy Fourth of July to everyone.
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Port Lyautey Lighthouse
This is the only known photo of the lighthouse at Port Lyautey taken after the battle. Thanks to Bill Voller for the photograph.

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Relief from Active Duty Part 3
Well, our devoted researcher in Hawaii has scored another victory, the name Turley on the document is really Twilley. If you look closely at the signature, you can see the dotted "i". Thanks Hawaii!
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Request for relief from combat duty....
Well, a big thanks to our museum operator for this spectacular piece of history from the 60th Regiment. Clicking on the link below will bring you to a document written in 1944 by four members of the 60th Regiment

Request for rear duty, due to length of time in combat
  • SSgt Grover C. Yonce
  • SSgt Charles M. Rose
  • PFC Harold M. Turrley ( or Turley)
  • SSgt Edwards A. Roberts

Our devoted 60th Regiment Researcher in Hawaii has provided us with the following information about these gentlemen:
" 1. Harold M Turrley is most likely HAROLD N. TURLEY. All indications are that he is still alive :) He survived the war and no name matches on the SSDI.
2. The 2 others (Yonce and Rose) also SURVIVED the war but a Grover C. Yonce died in 1989 (the only one on the SSDI) who is most likely the one we are looking for. Numerous Charles M. Rose’s show up on the SSDI.
3. The POW lists do not include any of these men except Harold N. Turley but do have a William H. Yonce and a Charles B. Rose. Remember, those lists are notoriously incorrect just by sheer numbers of POW’s not listed so I do not give any credence to them.
4. We know that Edward A. Roberts died and is buried overseas but perhaps someone through The Octofoil knows him and the circumstances of his death."

And on a side note, when someone is taken prisoner, the usual game is to not tell your real name or information, so it is entirely possible these men may have deliberately not given correct information to their captors etc. If anyone else has more information, please contact us!
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German Propaganda
If anyone has information about some members of Company G, 60th Infantry: SSGT Grover C Yonce, SSGT Charles M Rose, PFC Harold M Turrley, SSGT Edward A Roberts, please contact These men evidently wrote an letter that fell into the hands of German propagandists. Mr. Ryan Meyer, a museum curator, holds a copy of a German propaganda leaflet with their names on it. If you have any information about these men, please let us know via email.
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New Documents
There are new documents in the archives, please check them out. Cheers
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New Improved Photo Gallery
Well, I am moving things over to SmugMug, please take a look at the new 60th Regiment photo gallery.

60th Gallery
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Flag Day
Today is Flag Day, don't forget to fly your colors!
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Memorial Day 2008
Well, while it is not officially Memorial Day yet, I will be on the road for most of next week, so today's posting will have to do. Here is a video of the B-17 that came into Boeing field today for Memorial Day celebrations.
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Memorial Day 2008
Memorial Day 2008 is coming up soon, the Boeing Museum of Flight is putting together a B-17 flying demonstration this weekend. I hope everyone will enjoy a good Memorial Day and remember to thank a veteran.
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Seattle Times Article
There is an interesting article in the Seattle Times today about a man who has taken a trip to Normandy, to see his father's grave for the first time in his life. The story can be found here: Seattle Times Article
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60th Regiment Seeking All Veterans
The US Army 60th Infantry Regiment would like to get in touch with any veterans out there. Please use the contact from on the right side of the page, include your email address (VERY IMPORTANT) and let us know if you would like to get in touch with them.
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