D-Day Visitors Center Opening
Greetings, I just got back from Normandy and the opening of the new American Military Cemetery Visitors Center. The center itself is awesome! It consists of two floors of D-Day stories and artifacts. A 15 minute movie shows every few minutes, detailing the lives of some of the men buried in the cemetery. Truely a great place, thanks to U.S. Congressmen David Obey and John Murtha for helping make this visitors center a reality. And special thanks to Sec Def Gates for his great speech at the ceremony. Here are some photos of the visitors center:
Front of the center:

Lower Level exit:

Memorial inside the center:

And in other news, I also found an old chateau that my grandfather was stationed at for a while. After John (my grandfather) was wounded in the Cotentin Peninsula campaign, he could no longer fire a weapon. As a result, he was put on duty at a POW camp in France, in the town of Bolbec. The camp was located on the grounds of a chateau called Tous Vents. I believe it means "of the winds." Anyhow, today, I found the chateau and here are the pictures:
Past photo:

Present Day:

You kind of wonder if the pasture out back was the site of the POW encampment?
Today it appears that the chateau is being turned into some type of apartment complex. Who knows.
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D-Day Get Together
Hello all, If anyone is going to be at the D-Day ceremonies this year (June 6, 2007) please let me know. I will be at the dedication of the new Normandy American Cemetery Visitors Center this year and if anyone else will be there I would certainly like to meet up. Let me know by either sending a message or email: 60thinfantry@gmail.com. Cheers
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(Ordensberg) Burg Vogelsang
Today I had a wild idea to go out exploring and see if I could find the famed Burg Vogelsang. I had heard from my BMW dealer last March that the Belgians had returned their old base in Germany back. This base, called Burg Vogelsang was built in 1934 as a socialist school for the Nazi Socialist Party. It was one of only three such schools designed to teach young men in their 20's some of the basics of socialism. Adolph and many others actually visited the burg (castle) and made many motivational speeches. In 1945 the 47th Infantry Regiment along with the 60th Regiment blocking to the south, took over the school and routed the enemy. After that, the Belgians took control until January 2006. Now, the burg is a nature area criss crossed with hiking trails along the nice lakes. The lakes are on the Rur river and are created by the famous Roer dams. Here are some pictures:

For more information please look here in the Wikipedia......Vogelsang
Third Reich Ruins Website
German National Park Website
Pictures from the Time Period
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Video! Not an April Fool's Joke
I have been working extremely hard to bring this onto the internet, and I hope everyone will enjoy seeing it. This is a color video of the 60th Infantry Regiment soon after their takeover of the Kasbah in Port Lyautey (Kenitra) Morocco. It is some really great photography! Most likely it was filmed at some point after the battle ended on November 11, 1942. There is a lot more stuff on the film later on if you continue to watch it. The film itself came from the national archives.

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Hello,I have been out of pocket the past few weeks and just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Cheers
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Rome Sicily Cemetery
Karen and I just returned from Rome. One thing that I visited while there was the Rome Sicily Cemetery in Nettuno, which is just south of Rome. If you are ever in Rome, it only takes one hour and 5 Euros to get there. I have the pictures posted here:

Rome Sicily Cemetery Pictures
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Flags of Our Fathers
The movie has just come out over here, I am sure it has already been out for a while in the states. Here is the fan site if anyone is interested. Flags of Our Fathers
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Pictures have been posted of some of the past few monuments and other things dealing with the Ninth Infantry and 60th Regiment around Europe. Please check it out, more pictures to come in the future.

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Well everyday I learn something new. Today, I just learned that a base/town I have been going to with NATO's E-3A used to be an Axis supply base in World War II. Trapani in Sicily used to be an airbase and supply base for the Axis in North Africa. I have spent at least three weeks of time there over the past two years and never knew it. Surprise.
Here is a Google Earth Image of the base:Trapani Air Base
I am not sure if the base itself was used, or a nearby area that was rumored to have been an old German base, but we shall see in the future.
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Happy New Year
Happy NEW YEAR everybody! I want to wish everyone a great new year and many more to come. Cheers
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