Moroccan Goumiers
In French Morocco, Port Lyautey, AKA Kenitra, the 60th Infantry Regiment fought against and subsequently with the Moroccan Goumiers. Here is an article on them: And Another
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Interesting B-17 Restaurant in Oregon
In Oregon there is a restaurant...once a gas station...that has a genuine B-17 mounted on top of it. Story goes an Oregon man went to Kansas at the end of WWII, bought a B-17 from the Army, flew it to Oregon where it has resided ever since. Obviously the story is way more can read it here......CLICK HERE FOR THE BOMBER RESTAURANT AND CATERING STORY
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60th Infantry Memorial Project
All, The possibility exists of creating a memorial/rejuvinating an old memorial to the 60th Infantry Regiment in Morocco. We are in need of funding, if you are interested in finding out more information and possibly pledging a donation please drop me an email We would like to begin construction next spring so time is of the essence.
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WWII Ghost Images by Photoshop
Truly an interesting "Halloween" take on World War II. Basically, using Photoshop, new and original photos were combined to produce an image where it looks like World War II scenes have come back to life. Here is the link: Link
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D-Day Anniversary
Tuesday will mark the 67th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Linked here is an online copy of a Canadian paper published on June 6, 1944 detailing the landing operations.
D-Day News

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Palau Destination Tour WWII
For those interested in an interesting tour of WWII battlefields, Palau definitely has something to be seen. Check out this link for more information:

Palau WWII Tours
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D-Day Remembered

In memoriam of two 60th Regiment veterans who recently passed away: John Celler, CO. B, 60th, 9th, the most special of all men died on March 1, 2010 in CT and Capt, Grady Holman Jr., CO. B, 60th, 9th passed away March 14. Grady was awarded the DSC and Company B the Presidential Unit Citation for valor beyond extraordinary on December 12, 1944. Both were Purple Heart recipients, Grady with multiple Oak Leafs, they were also Bronze Star and CIB recipients. The word Hero does come close to describing what honorable men they were.

All, if you have a few minutes today, please take time to remember D-Day and those who gave their all to protect our freedom, and that of Europe.

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60th Infantry Newspaper Blurb
One of the great things happening in this age of information is that archived copies of newspapers are becoming available to everyone. At the following link is a small blurb about life in the 60th Infantry Regiment during World War II.

Article Link
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60th Infantry War Plant Tours
Another interesting article on 60th Infantry Regiment happenings.
Article Link
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Photos dealing with 60th Regiment in Normandy
Recently, I was contacted by Alexis Boban who is researching the 60th Regiment in France during WWII. Please check the forum for more information regarding his research. In the process, a few images have been placed on Flickr that deal with the 60th in France. Everything is in French, but you may be able to figure out what the meaning is based on language similarities. Here are the links:

60th IR Mechanized Recon Group Area
Barneville Cartaret Area
Barneville Sur Mer Memorial to 9th ID and 60th Reg

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Article About Karl "Molotov" "Molly" Warner
Hat tip to Mr. McDaniel in his discovery of an article about Karl Warner, a legend of the 9th Infantry Division, 60th Infantry Regiment. View the article here: Molly Article

The article is a great read!
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Veterans' Day
Just want to thank our veterans for their sacrifice in the conflicts of today, and those of the past!
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Maps and More Maps
The huge amount of papers donated by Mr. McDaniel from the National Archives contains a pelethora of maps. These are great for finding out where the unit was located at certain times during the North Africa campaign and Sicily.

Complete Map File
Complete Map File for quick download

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New Documents Part 1
Huge thanks to Mr. McDaniel who has donated over 300 pages of historical records of the 60th Regiment. These documents were procured from the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. I will put them on the site in different sections, in order to allow viewing of the files without waiting for a long time to download the complete file. So, here is the first installment, the history of the regiment from its' beginning in 1940 until after their baptism of fire in French Morocco in 1942.

Click for Start to End of 1942

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Trying to locate biological parent from 60th Reg
Greetings everyone, someone in Germany is attempting to reach their birth parent from the 60th Regiment. Anyone who knows of locations of the 60th at the end of World War II, within Germany, please contact us. Specifically, the location of any US Kaserne in or near Neustadt, Germany where the 60th may have been, would be helpful. Or, if you have any information about Frank Vitner, a member of the 60th, please let us know.
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Patton 360
The 60th Infantry Regiment will be detailed on a History Channel program titled Patton 360. It will air on 10 April, please take the time to watch and record this program.
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After Action Reports
In memory of Staff Sgt. Raymond Carlyle Blanton, MIA Huertgen Forest 14 Oct. '44 (60th, 9th Inf. Co. C), Nancy Fraker, his niece, has donated after action reports for 1-31 October 1944. It is hoped that these reports will help others in their research. Thanks Nancy for your help and support to others!

To see the reports, please go to the archive section (click here) look in the 1944 section and select the "1-31 Oct 1944 After Action Report" link. Or simply click here.
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Merry Christmas
I have not posted a whole lot this fall, hopefully this winter will see a little more activity in the research area. One interesting item is that I was finally able to get in touch with the brother of Major Holt Barnwell. Major Barnwell was the architect of the Night March across Sicily during that campaign. He died during the D-Day invasion, and was a really great friend of my grandfather. Looking forward to hearing more about him from his brother. Please take a look at and feel free to contribute to a Wikipedia page I have started about the battle of Port Lyautey:
Click Here

Hope all are well, have a Merry Christmas!
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Go-Devil WWII Newsletter
Well, another day brings with it another spectacular contribution to our website. In Germany, a local historian from the area of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria, has written and donated digital copies of the Go-Devil newsletter. The newsletter was printed in the village in 1945, during the occupation. Each is linked below, please feel free to take a look, and give a BIG thanks to our German historian and friend.

The Go Devil No 1
The Go Devil No 2
The Go Devil No 3
The Go Devil No 4
The Go Devil No 5
The Go Devil No 6
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Still Finding Tanks In France
Well, in Chartres, France, someone found an entire US Tank from World War II, buried under a neighborhood street. See the article linked here: Tank Dug Up In Chartres
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